Yamaha TX816
MIDI rack

Yamaha TX816


The TX816 is a modular rack synthesizer, available in many configurations. The name changes based on the number of modules installed: from TX216 up to TX816 when every slot is populated. The single module is called TF1 and is basically a DX7 sound engine without an interface.

Each TF1 has to be programmed through an external DX7 or computer and can store up to 32 patches. It has MIDI ports and its own XRL output, but can be also controlled from the master MIDI inputs of the rack.

The DAC is the same 12 bit one found on the DX7 and TX7, thus making a full TX816 like stacking 8 DX7s, each with its own adjustable output, something very useful on a live stage. The price tag of £4000 in fact clearly targeted professionals that needed more FM voices in a less space demanding machine.

However, compared to a DX1, DX5, TX802 or DX7II, the concept of "performance" holding in memory more than one voice is not available here, forcing the user to manually set patches every time.

Technical specs

Sound source

Single TF1: FM tone generator (6 operators, 32 algorithms)

Simultaneous note output

Polyphonic: 16 notes
Monophonic: 1 note

Memory capacity

Voice memory: 1 bank x 32 voices

Connection terminals and interfaces

Line Out (XLR)

Dimensions and weight

Full rack: 480w x 176h x 346d (mm) / 18 7/8” x 6 15/16” x 13 5/8”
12Kg / 26lbs 6oz


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