Yamaha TX802
FM tone generator

Yamaha TX802


Regarding the tone generator, is exactly like a rack version of the DX7II, with the same clearer sound compared to the original DX7. The big difference however is the ability to stack up to 8 patches, albeit keeping a maximum polyphony of 16 voices. Such function was added to the DX7II as well by third party expansion boards, but in 1987 such stacking possibilities (similar to the expensive TX816 weren't available to consumers other than using the TX802.

Each generator has its own output on the back, making it a highly flexible machine to get the classic FM sounds and integrate them in a studio with existing effects.

The TX802 can read second generation cartridges and share patches with the DX7II.

Technical specs

Sound source

FM tone generator (6 operators, 32 algorithms)

Simultaneous note output

Polyphonic: single 16 / dual 8 / split 8+8
Monophonic: single 1 / dual 1 / split 1+1

Memory capacity

Voice memory: 1 bank x 128 voices
User voices: 1 bank x 64 voices
Performance memory: 1 bank x 64 performances

Connection terminals and interfaces

Individual Output 1-8
Mixed OUT I, II, Phones
Cartridge port

Dimensions and weight

480w x 94.5h x 297d (mm)


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