Yamaha SPX50D
Digital sound processor

Yamaha SPX50D


The SPX50D is basically a SPX90 aimed at guitarists.

The main additions are a set of distortion effects, a digital tuner for guitars and support for being inserted within an effect loop. It incidentally dropped the support for a remote unit that the SPX90 had.

It's one of the few Yamaha boxes to feature a red retroilluminated LCD panel.

Technical specs

Sound source

31.25 kHz 16-bit linear A/D converter (mono)
31.25 kHz 16-bit linear D/A converter

Memory capacity

50 ROM presets
50 user patches

Connection terminals and interfaces

Input jack x2
Output L, Output R
Insert IN, Insert OUT
Tuner out
Memory trigger jack, Bypass jack

Dimensions and weight

480w x 45.2h x 285d (mm)

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