Yamaha REV7
Digital multi-effect processor

Yamaha REV7


Affordable sibling of the much more expensive REV1, sold for 1040£.

Its features include chorusing, delays, stereo repeats, flanging, phasing, flanged reverbs, gated reverbs, reverse gates and more. Various parameters are available for each reverb, such as 1st reflection, initial delay, reverberation time and diffusion with fine tuning for each output channel.

Can be controlled via an optional RC7 remote. Although the remote lacks all the features found on the remote for the REV1, the interface on the REV7 is much more comprehensive and easy to use.

Together with the SPX90 is considered among the classic digital effect units of the 1980s.

Yamaha REV7 studio

Technical specs

Sound source

31.25 kHz 16-bit linear A/D converter
31.25 kHz 16-bit linear D/A converter

Memory capacity

30 ROM presets
60 user patches

Connection terminals and interfaces

Input L, R (XLR), Input L, R (jack)
Output L, R (XLR), Output L, R (jack)
Remote port
Memory trigger jack, Bypass jack

Dimensions and weight

480w x 89.9h x 342.5d (mm)


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