Yamaha QX7
Digital sequence recorder

Yamaha QX7


Digital sequencers started to appear as experimental devices with analog output in the early 80s, but Roland was the first to release a MIDI equipped unit to the consumer market in 1984 starting the MSQ line. Yamaha followed the next year, launching the QX7 together with the TX7.

Compared to the QX1 that was already available for the studio market, this box is a lot more affordable, doesn't require a lot of space and most importantly its only focus is being a sequencer. Software sequencers were already available for computers back then, but they of course needed a full computer with a MIDI interface.

Real-time or step time recording, over-dubbing, trackdown, insertion and chaining capability provided sophisticated sequencing potential. The interface was extremely cut down compared to more expensive model, but this 2 tracks sequencer still provided considerable MIDI sequencing versatility and performance.

Technical specs

Memory capacity

Internal: 8,100 notes (6,000 notes with velocity)

Connection terminals and interfaces

Foot switch

Dimensions and weight

350w x 240h x 49d (mm) / 13-3/4" x 9-3/8" x 1-7/8"
2.3Kg / 5lb. 1oz.

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