Yamaha QX3
Digital sequence recorder

Yamaha QX3


Evolution of the QX1, with more advanced technology and controls, a smaller case, a built-in 3.5" floppy disk drive, a larger data display (with contrast control) but less MIDI outputs and less internal volatile memory.

This digital sequence recorder can record up to 16 tracks with unlimited polyphony. Notes can be quantised, moved at any point and manually modified (together with velocity information). Sequences can be saved to disk and then merged later. Generic MDR files can also be saved on disk.

The workflow is the same shared across the QX line, with a very satisfying keyboard to input commands. Worth noting also the input wheel, found also on the QX5fd.

In 1988 it was one of the best sequencers available on the market.

Technical specs

Memory capacity

Internal: 24,000 notes
48,000 notes during chain play

Disk drives

3.5 inches floppy disk drive

Connection terminals and interfaces

Click OUT
Foot switch
Tape sync IN, Tape sync OUT

Dimensions and weight

439w x 81h x 340d (mm)
4.5Kg / 9lb. 9oz.


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