Yamaha QX1
Digital sequence recorder

Yamaha QX1


The QX1 was the first MIDI sequencer by Yamaha: clearly aimed at studios with its high price and its MIDI capabilites back at a time when very few synthesizers had digital connections.

It features a built-in 5.25" floppy disk for data storage and 8 independent track with 8 separate MIDI OUT terminals.

Recording can be carried out in real-time or step-write modes, with enormous overdubbing capacity. The QX1 permits highly detailed editing and manipulation of all recorded data.

It was still present in Yamaha's catalog at the end of 1980s, showing its versatility and technological advancements even when more affordable options became available.

Yamaha QX1 studio

Technical specs

Memory capacity

Internal: 512kb ~ 80,000 notes
32 banks
8 chains

Disk drives

5.25 inches floppy disk drive

Connection terminals and interfaces

Click OUT
Foot switch
Tape sync IN, Tape sync OUT

Dimensions and weight

519w x 105h x 329d (mm)

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