Yamaha PTX8
Percussion tone generator

Yamaha PTX8


Brain module used in conjuction with electronic pads for playing digital drums. It's basically a port of the late RX technology, modified around the 8 inputs for the pads.

Each sound can be tweaked just like on the RX5 and RX7, and added to custom sets, called kits. Waveforms are compatible across late RX and PTX engines, so it's possible to get some realistic samples in, but the included voices are typically 80s Yamaha sounds. Those seems still to be appreciated as source for experiments, given the possibility to set infinite sustaining loops on waves.

The unit does accept sensibility information from pads, but it can't be used as modulation of sounds, as it only controls the volume of the voice.

Technical specs

Sound source

12bit companded PCM wave memory
26 voices

Memory capacity

64 voices
32 kits
10 chains (32 steps)

Connection terminals and interfaces

Pad inputs 1-8
Individual pad line outputs 1-8
Output L, Output R, Output Phones
Data Cartridge, Waveform Data Cartridge

Dimensions and weight

480w x 90.1h x 295.5d (mm)

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