Yamaha MSS1
MIDI synchronizer

Yamaha MSS1


The Yamaha MSS1 MIDI Synchronizer was an east, cost-effective way to synchronize MIDI devices to SMPTE time code. The MSS1 could precisely lock any clock-driven MIDI device to SMPTE time code replayed from a multitrack or video tape, and was fully compatible with all foud SMPTE formats (30, 30 drop-frame, 25 or 24 frames/sec).

A precision SMPTE time code generator was built-in so you could even record your own SMPTE time code tracks.

A large 10-bank memory permitted internal sotrage of tempo data for 10 different "songs", and a chain mode automatically played banks in sequence allowing the creating of extremely long compositions.

Internal memory data could also be saved to external RAM4 data cartridges for high-volume, long-term storage.

At 799£ the MSS1 was well received by the critics, although it came quite late to the market. It performed faultlessly even if the interface shared a common workflow with other complex Yamaha machines.

Technical specs


MIDI clock signal to SMPTE time code
30, 30 drop-frame, 25, 24 fps

Memory capacity

7178 beats memory
1795 program/control change points
150 tempo change points

Connection terminals and interfaces

Click IN
Metronome OUT
Foot switch
RAM cartridge

Dimensions and weight

439w x 73.5h x 286d (mm)
3.8Kg / 8lbs. 4oz.

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