Yamaha MJC8
MIDI junction controller

Yamaha MJC8


As music studios with MIDI links became more and more complex, a long chain of IN and THRU connectors became unusable.

The Yamaha MJC8 MIDI Junction Controller has been designed specifically to facilitate MIDI signal patching and re-routing even with highly sophisticated MIDI setups.

The MJC8 features eight MIDI IN and eight MIDI THRU terminals on the rear panel. Each MIDI IN terminal is independently assignable to any THRU terminal for exceptionally broad patching flexibility.

50 different patch configurations of this type may be stored in the MJC8's internal memory for instant recall whenever needed.

The lack of processing abilities and remote control put it quickly behind competing routers.

Technical specs

Memory capacity

50 programs

Connection terminals and interfaces

MIDI IN (x8), MIDI THRU (x8)

Dimensions and weight

480w x 45h x 274d (mm)
3.25Kg / 7lbs. 17oz.

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