Yamaha DX27
Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer

Yamaha DX27


The DX27 was the most affordable programmable synthesizer with full size keyboard of the FM line of the 80s. Coming at 499£ it attacked the price range of the low-end Casio keyboards, delivering the same 4op FM synthesis of the mid tier models.

It uses the same shell of the DX21, making it yet another example of the Yamaha's tendency to release models in couples by reusing much of the hardware (see DX7 and DX9 or RX5 and RX7).

Just like the DX21, the new green plastic buttons are a welcome improvement over the membrane controls of the first DX lineup. Less futuristic for sure, but much more durable and easy to repair.

Technical specs


61 keys

Sound source

FM tone generator (4 operators, 8 algorithms)

Simultaneous note output

Polyphonic: 8 notes
Monophonic: 1 note

Memory capacity

24 voice internal RAM (alterable)
192 voice ROM (reading only)
96 voice number bank (alterable)

Connection terminals and interfaces

Output (mono phone jack)
Output Phones (mono phone jack)
Control jack: foot switch
Cassette port
Breath control

Dimensions and weight

909w x 82h x 270d (mm) / 35.8” x 3.2” x 10.6”
7.5Kg / 16.5lbs


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