Yamaha DX100
Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer

Yamaha DX100


Released in late 1985 together with the DX27, the Yamaha DX100 is a full 4-op FM synthesizer in a small, portable form factor. It retains all the editing capabilities of its parents at an extremely affordable price for the consumer market — 349£ — being at the time the cheapest way to get into Yamaha's sounds.

With its miniature keys, battery power, strap buttons on the side and mod/pitch wheels conveniently located at the top edge it's perfect to be used standing with a shoulder strap.

Internal memory was also surprisingly bigger than the DX27 or the DX21 given the smaller size. 192 factory voices and a volatile Edit bank that can be filled with voices from the internal memory or from a tape through the cassette port.

Praised by the critic for its convenience and MIDI response, at the time of this review the DX100 remains curiously hard to find online, sellings sometimes at prices higher that the DX7.

Yamaha DX100 After Touch

Technical specs


49 keys (mini keyboard)

Sound source

FM tone generator (4 operators, 8 algorithms)

Simultaneous note output

Polyphonic: 8 notes
Monophonic: 1 note

Memory capacity

24 voice internal RAM (alterable)
192 voice ROM (reading only)
96 voice number bank (alterable)

Connection terminals and interfaces

Output A (mono phone jack)
Output Phones (mono phone jack)
Control jack: foot switch
Cassette port
Breath control

Dimensions and weight

628w x 75h x 218d (mm) / 24.7” x 2.9” x 8.6”
2.7Kg / 5.9lbs


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